From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Bug & Lil Bro, Daddy with Baby Bro & Pixie, Sister, Sissy and Mama

Meet the Shytle Family

Meet the Shytle's

"My Beloved is mine, and I am his..." Song of Songs 2:16

Daddy - Our wonderful Leader and HERO!  He is not ONLY an Awesome Husband and Daddy, but our own Real Life "Super Hero"!!!

Mama -  The "Glue" that holds The JClan and Heart Land Homestead together.

The JClan

Lil Bro, Bug, Bubba, Sissy, Princess Baby, Bubby, Sister

Bubba is our oldest and though he doesn't always enjoy the blessing of being chosen by God to be the oldest he is a wonderful son and brother! He is very smart and loves playing football and swimming. Sissy is our little trooper. She was born with Acute Hypotonia, Sensory Intergration Disorder, ADHA, and a few other blessings. With lots of time and therapy she has been able to not let these things rule her life. She loves to learn, help in our home and has begun to swim too. Sister is our little mother hen. She loves to help take care of the little J's and do all the motherly things she can. Bubby , is ALL boy! He's a daredevil, but he is also our 'watchman'. He doesn't rest unless we are all home, safe and sound. He is really growing up to be a little Daddy. Bug is turning a new lead. Learning to help more in our home and really loves to play with his younger brother and sister! He still manages to get himself into trouble, as all children (especially boys) do, but he is a sweet helper. Lil Bro is not Mama's lil Boy anymore, he still loves to be cuddled here and there but he loves being boys with his brothers and Daddy. Daddy is his head, and he knows it!  Princess Baby has been a joyfull addition to our family! She is very much a princess, but she has learned many a things from her older brothers. She is very loving and always exploring. 

But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matt. 19:14