From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wonderfully Made Birthing Services Tea List Spring 2015

So happy to be introducing my homemade teas!  I love my herbs!  I have been using herbs for about 5 years in our family's everyday health!  We have had no major sickness in our home for about the same amount of time.  Between herbs, homemade probiotics, and adding the right supplements at the right time with the ever increasingly clean/real food diet in our home we are doing better and better all the time.

All my teas have a base to them (what makes them do what they do), I am willing to share with you what is in my teas by request, as well as change an ingredient if needed for you (as long as it doesn't change what the tea does)!  However I will not at this time be sharing any recipes.

Update: my HerbalDoula store (link below) has sipping teas, bath teas, salves, balms, roller bottle blends, scrubs and more handcrafted herbal products.


Now you can find the most up-to-date products in my Etsy Store; HerbalDoula

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