From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Homemade Cloth Wipes

I get asked a lot what I use for my cloth wipes. Well if you've figured anything out by now it's that I do my best to be cheap, reuse, and not throw anything away! (If it can be used for better things that is) So while cleaning and organizing our 'multi-purpose room' I found an old bulletin board that was covered in a flannel material. I no longer needed either, so the board went to the flea market and the fabric became wipes!

The fabric before.

As you can see the fabric is pretty big! So I folded it in half, half again and half for a third time.

After being folded.

After folding I take my fabric scissors, they never cut anything but fabric, and cut about 3-4" apart. I could have used my rotary tool too, but I didn't want to dig out my cutting mat.

The cuts and my fabric scissors.

Next I cut the 3-4" sections so they are a single piece. Below you see the 3rd row down, it gets cut in half. As you see in the 2nd row down that gives you 2 full prices and 2 final pieces, the two full pieces must still be cut in half. This leaves you with 6 wipes for every 3-4".

The progression of the cut.

When that is done you will have all your wipes. Wash, dry and put in you wipes warmer with a nice wipe recipe. My favorite is Bulk Herb Stores Baby Bath Mix. (Our wipes warmer has since bit the dust, so these wipes go in an old store wipes box and I make a Wipes Tea to spray on them or baby's bum)

The final product. 78 new cloth wipes.

I will use these at home, they go right into my diaper pail with the dirty diapers. They will become frayed and worn over time, use and washes, but they are FREE, can be easily replaced and much better than loads of disposable wipes! 

I also make theses using baby receiving blankets. If you don't have either handy go to your local fabric store and look for flannel that is on clearance or reminants. For receiving blankets cheap, look at local thrift stores.

Now I do use disposable wipes when out, I have never been good at taking cloth out with me, but I am working towards it!

Blessings and happy diapering,

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