From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Bug & Lil Bro, Daddy with Baby Bro & Pixie, Sister, Sissy and Mama

Saturday, February 23, 2013

News Letter: End of the Year 2012

*** This is a late post.  It only took me 2mns, but I finally got our 2012 End of the Year News Letter on our Blog!  Pretty sad since it only had to be copied and pasted and made "blog friendly" (names changeds ;) ).  But here it is, this is what was sent out with our 2012 Christmas Cards. (Click the link if you don't remember what they looked like)  Now to post the 1mn late January News Letter, just in time to write the February News Letter next weekend :)  But I made a promise to myself to do this and if I'm late with the 1st few, or any for that matter, I am NOT going to give up!  I want to be better at this and I will!!!!  So enjoy! :)

Greetings Y'all,
It has been a long time since we have caught up with some of y'all!  Some of y'all keep up with us on facebook or through our blog, but others we have been out of touch with.  So here is our attempt to get back in touch with some and to stay in touch with those we have been in touch with.  :)
This year held some big things for our family.  We were not sure for sometime if God was going to continue with our families service to the Corps or not.  We were very thankful to have God's answer in August and Daddy has now picked up Staff Sergant and Reenlisted for another 4 years (16yrs at the end of 2016).  We also added a new addition to our family this year, J6 was born on August 16th.  As most of you know we home educate The JClan.  This year Daddy and I have the privilage of being the CoCoordinators of our home school group in which we home educate under, CBCCA (Community Bible Church Christian Academy).  It has been lots of fun getting to know more parents and learning what is important to them in their quest to home educate their family.
Here at Heart Land Homestead (our home) our days are filled with taking care of the chickens, learning about herbs, cooking naturally and healthy, learning, playing, ministring to others and so much more.  We got 9 chickens and 2 turkeys a little over a year ago.  Since then 2 chickens have died, we sold our turkey hen and butchered our tom (he was yummy).  They have been a wonderful learning tool for The JCaln, and us.  We are going to be butchering the rest of the chickens here soon.  We plan to get some more this coming year.  We even had fun incubating some eggs, we had 1 hatchling who died a few weeks later.  We hope to do that again too, minus the dying part. ;)
In our home school, Heart Land Academy, we have 2 full time students this year. Bubba, 3rd grade, and Sissy kindergarten.  We also have 3 part time students, Sister 4, Bubby 3, and Bug 1.  Lil Bro (4mns) loves his naps and to play!  We have had a blast learning American History and studying Botany as a family this year.  We have had the privelage of attending several field trips this year and Daddy has gotten to come with us. :)
Bubba is almost 9 years old, he loves learning about everything, playing football, singing in choir, running in races and hanging out with his friends (boys!!!).  Sissy is 5 years old, she loves learning to read and write, dancing in ballet, singing in choir, going to Sparks , running in races and anything related to learning how to be a mommy's helpers.  She is not presently in therapy, but we are all still learning how to teach her and the full aspect of her learning disabilities.  Sister is 4 years old, she also loves to learn (wants to do everything Sissy does), dances in ballet, practices running with Bubba and Sissy, and going to Cubbies.  She still has 2 years before she starts school full time, but she doesn't know that and loves to learn along with Bubba and Sissy. Bubby is 3 years old, he loves anything that is related to being a boy!  He also loves going to Puggles,  loves to learn anything that looks the same as Bubba's school and can't wait to be old enough to play football like Bubba.  Bug will be 2 in March.  He is just starting to be involved in the things The JClan does and he loves following them around!  Both he and Bubby are really big Daddy's Boys!  Lil Bro just turned 4 months old.  He was born on August 16th, 2012 at 5:28am at 10lbs 11oz here at Heart Land Homestead.  Yep that's right he is our 1st home birth and it was awesome!  He is a sweet Lil Bro who loves to smiile and talk too all his brothers and sisters.  He enjoys rolling around and crawling, swinging in his swing and laughing at everyone.  The JClan loves to be with each other, they are super blessings, and we couldn't ask for better!
Daddy is presently finishing up a small deployment in Nevada and will be home by the time you read this.  He has been gone since the begining of November.  He has been home for the better part of the past 2 years.  This year we were not sure if God would be having us leave the ministry of the Corps or continue on.  In August he answered our prayers and let us know we would be staying in.  On November 1st Daddy picked up the rank of Staff Sergant and November 27th he reenlisted for another 4 years.  Making 2016 his 16th year.  We are not sure what the future holds for us, but we know God guides it and we are willing to go where He leads.  Daddy has been running a lot the past couple of years.  Several 5ks, an 8k and in 2011 and '12 he has run the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in Washington DC.  We have all had a lot of fun traveling and touring DC during our time there and very proud of Daddy for finishing and making better time! :)  Every once in a while Daddy finds time to work on his trucks.  He has built us an amazing country farmhouse table to seat all The JClan and more!  His wood skills are improving all the time.  One day you might just see his furniture in stores! ;)
I stay busy, I couldn't imagine not being! ;) I had started running again, but had to stop around 6mn pregnant with Lil Bro.  I plan to start back up again in January and be able to run some 5ks starting in March.  Back in May I got a group of local mommies who have home run businesses together to start having "Mommy Owned Business Open Houses" to open up for shopping all the businesses at one time in one place for the community.  We have had 5 successful events this year and plan to do even more in 2013.  My Mary Kay business has been going well, thanks to all my Clients all over the U.S! :)  We also started using a company called Melaleuca "The Wellness Company" for many of our families cleaning and nutritional needs.  I refer people to become Prefered Customers and have done wonderfully at this!  I love sharing the products and how they have changed our family for the better! :)  Living naturally has been a top goal of ours this year.  I've researched many things to learn of herbs and how to use them for our families wellness and health.  It has been a wonderful blessing and so fulfilling to know we are using the things our Lord put on earth to take care of us!  I do all that in my "spare time".  The main part of the day is all for my Beloved and the JClan!  I love being my Beloveds helpmate and teaching The JClan!
We hope y'all will keep in touch! Write us, email us, comment on our Blog, find us on Facebook. or do all of the above! :)  Anyone with children the JClan would love to be penpals via mail or email, just let us know!  We love you all and pray for you often!  I hope to keep y'all more up-to-date, though if you really want our news I will be posting a monthly newletter on our Blog.  May the Love of Christ be with you ALL as the New Year comes.
Daddy, Mama and The JClan

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