From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Award... Cool Beans

My friend Becky over at The Kirklands  has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Cool Beans Refried!!!!  I am stoked!!!  Thank you so much Becky!!!!

The Rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:
1) Each person must list 11 things about themself
2) Answer the 11 questions the Tagger has set for you, PLUS create 11 questions for the 11 people you tag
3) Choose 11 Bloggers (more or less)
4) Absolutely NO Tag Backs
5) The Bloggers Tagged must have less than 200 Followers
6) Go inform the Bloggers you Nominated them!!!

Alrighty.... On your Mark, Get Set, GOOOOOOO

11 Things About Myself:


1) I am a Southern Bell, literally and at heart!
2) I stash my chocolate in the freezer so the JClan won't get it!
3) I am TOTALLY OCD and my Beloved has had to tame me of this before I exploded with anxiety.
4) Though I have 6 children and would welcome more Blessings in our Family I am the oldest of only 2 children.
5) Like my Mama, I married an Only Child (which the JClan lovingly calls a Lonely Child, tehehe)
6) My Beloved called me "Mouth of the South" growing up
7) Unlike most Marine wives I have known my husband longer than I have been married to him.
8) I love to run, I just don't get enough time to do it.
9) The house that the JClan knows as "the house mommy grew up in" is actually the house that I only lived in for less than 5 yrs.
10) My highlights are natural!
11) There was a moment in our wedding ceramony where some thought I might be backing out because I didn't realize I was to repeat what the Pastor said, this however broke me out into giggles, making everyone know things were good!

Answering the Questions the Tagger set for Me: 

1) What is my favorite flavor cake?
2) What is my favorite flavor ice cream?
Mint Chocolate Chip
3) What is my favorite children's book?
The Little Red Hen
4)Carpet, hardwood, vinyl or tile... What is my preference and why?
Hardwood, much easier to deal with, looks awesome!
5) What is my favorite type of food?
6) What is my favorite color?
7) Would you prefer to be inside working or outside working?
This sorta depends on the weather and what I am doing.  I LOVE to work outside with my Beloved, not so much just because.  I tend to work inside, but I think that is more because I am responsible for the inside.
8) Longest time I have spent driving on a road trip, except for stopping for gas?
All the trips from Cherry Pit  Point, NC to Central FL, about 14hrs.
9) Do I buy in bulk or as you need it?
Well I LOVE to buy in bulk, the problem is that now-a-days, bulk is as I need it with 8 of us. :)
10) Do I know how to roller skate?
Well I did at one time, not sure if I still do????
11) What is my favorite Movie?
That's a hard one.  I really only like to see movies once, then I'm good.  But right now if I had to watch a movie more than once I'd say "Courageous" 

11 Questions for those I Tag:

1) How long have you been Blogging?

2) Is this your original Blog?

3) Is this the name of your original Blog?

4) Why did you start Blogging?

5) What do you really enjoy Blogging about?

6) What is your favorite Bible Verse?

7) Have you ever read the Bible cover to cover?

8) What is your favorite hymn?

9) Do you play an instrument?

10) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

11) What brings you joy everyday?

Now for those 11 Bloggers to be Tagged:

1) Dawn at One Faithful Mom
2) Becca at Pleasant Pheasant
3) Katie at Just Me
4) Potter Mama at The Potter's
5) Stacey at Carolina Mommy
6) Julie at Gayler Photography
7) Amanda at Mattanda Monologues
8) Stacey at Stitches of Praise
9) Charlotte at Ellie Louise
10) Michele at Carolina Ribbons
11) Help Cure Ana Maria

That was FUN!!!

Now to go Tag everyone in my List.......

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