From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

First Year of Tackle

This year was Bubba's first year playing Tackle Football.  He has been playing Football since he was in Kindergarten and before that he played Soccer.  He's been playing Flag Football for the past 3yrs.  Last year during the regular Football season Bubba broke is arm, so he missed that season.  In the Spring of '12 we decided that since this Football season he would be moving up to Tackle that it would be a good idea to find away to get in another season of Flag.  Thankfully our Upward program plays Flag Football in the Spring.  So Bubba was able to play one more season of Flag before "putting on the pads".
Upward 2012
Upward Team Spring '12

I wasn't sure what to expect.  I loved watching Football as a girl, I was in the band in high school so I was at every game, but wasn't sure what it would be like for my son to be playing Tackle.  Since Lil Bro was due right around the time of Football practice starting it became Daddy's job to take Bubba to practice.

1st practice w/ pads

Teams Top Tackler

Since we live in the south and we don't get much "fall" weather and our summers are long and hot it was difficult to go to all the games with a brand new baby.  But the few games I did get to make it to I was so impressed with my Lil Big Man!  He is built like his Daddy, lean and tall, but he can sure tackle!  Even someone twice his size.  He didn't want to tackle at first, thinking that it would hurt the other person, but after Daddy and Bubba spent an evening in the front yard both with pads on Bubba learned that it would take an awful lot to hurt someone with pads.  So he took his Daddy down to the ground many times.  This played a key role in how he played for his team!

1st Game

Selected as one of the Captians

Bubba earned the respect of his coach and team mates very quickly.  Never surprising, but always exciting, especially when you are playing with all kids that attend public school and you are the only home schooled kid on the team.  He played almost every position there was to play, he always volunteered to take someone who was absent or hurts place and almost every game he played both offense and defense without being tired or complaining.  He blocked when needed and tackled when need and a few times he got to run the ball!

Bubba's team was undefeated, both in the season and in the championship!  He was so proud!  I was even more proud at the fact that every Sunday in our Family Worship Class he would ask for prayer for him and his team mates to not be injured and would praise God that no one had gotten injured at the game the day before!

This past Monday night was their Team Awards Banquet.  I got to take the 2 oldest boys, Bubba and Bubby, and of course I always have my buddy, Lil Bro, in tow.  Coach did a wonderful job at recognizing the boys!  The county gives all the team members a trophy for participating, in addition since they were the champs the county gave them another trophy.  Coach had never coached and undefeated team.  He had coached teams that won championships, but not without having lost at least one game.  So he bought all the boys an MVP trophy and gave them a medal for being undefeated (9-0).  Then he recognized his 6 elite players.  Bubba was one of these players.  Coach referred to him as "The Maintenance Man" since he was always up to play any position needing to be played!  I was proud when Coach said "this is the toughest guy on the team".  Coach was very impressed with the fact that Bubba not only played football this season, but he has been in Presidential all year long and been training to run a 5k. (Coach referred to him as a marathon runner, but not yet.....)

"Toughest Guy on the Team"

"The Maintenance Man"

I am very proud of Bubba.  He is one tough dude for sure!  He amazes me all the time!  And though we set our expectations high for him, and all the JClan, he really does a wonderful job at always doing his best!

Bubby loves football and would have been out there playing with the guys if he was old enough.  He didn't miss to many practices and he went to all the games.  So Coach gave him something to remember this year by.          

Future Football Star

Go Raiders #1!

Team Raiders 7-8yr old 2012

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