From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot Chocolate Mix

Growing up my Mama (Nana), Maw-maw, Sisser (Aunt LaLa), and I always got together during Christmas Break to make Christmas Cookies.  My Mama, Maw-maw, Sisser and the DGals (my 3 nieces) still carry on this tradition, but we live to far away to join so we make our own cookies, but no where near what they do.

These cookies went to all our neighbors, were dessert for our Christmas Eve Party/Birthday Party for our Daddy (Pap) and Christmas Day Dinner.  So I have always tried to carry on the tradition even though we can't join in.  For several years I made cookies to share with the neighbors and take to the PMO at the front gate of the base on Christmas Day.  But last Christmas trying to make enough cookies to take to everyone and have some for our own enjoyment became to much with so many little people.  They get easily distracted and don't like to spend a whole day making cookies.  So I decided it would be better to make something more easy, yet still festive and nice for our neighbors.  So we made Hot Chocolate Mix, it was wonderful.  And we made enough for us to enjoy some too! (Defiantly cheaper than store bought when you are making it for 5 people at 1 time, and taste better too!)


1lb Chocolate Mix
11Cups Powdered Milk
1Cup Non-dairy Creamer
2 1/2Cups Confectionery Sugar
1pkg Mini Marshmallows


Mix all ingredients together

Fill jars to right below the neck. Put flat part of lid on jars.

Christmas-y material
Solid Dark Colored Card Stock (coordinating w/ material)
Solid Light Colored Card Stock (coordinating w/ material and dark card stock)
Ribbon (coordinating)
Shape Scissors
Fine Point Pens
Stamp Pad
"Handmade by" stamp
"A Savior is Born" stamp


Cut out pieces of Christmas-y material, place over flat part of lid and screw on ring.

Take dark solid card stock that coordinates with your material, cut around the edges with shape scissors.  Take a lighter solid card stock, write directions of use, glue onto dark card stock, punch hole in top corner, thread coordinating ribbon through & tie to jar.

Directions to write on tags (Front):
Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix
*Take 2-3 heaping scoops, place in mug.
*Pour 6-8oz hot water over mix.
* Stir, Relax, Enjoy!

Stamped on "Handmade by"
Then signed our Family name.
Stamped on the bottom "A Savior is Born"

When done take to your neighbors with a cheery smile and lots of "holiday cheer".  Then come back home and enjoy some chocolaty goodness!

The JClan enjoyed theirs in the Special Christmas Cups and Straws

*Article written in December 2011

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Mama said...

A reader asked this:
"Hey Megan! I saw the recipe for hot cocoa mix on your blog and just wanted to double check that it calls for 11 cups of powdered milk? We are going to make some today :)"

Yes it is 11Cups of Powdered Milk. The box that is shown in the pictures is 11Cups worth so if you want to double this you will need to boxes or a bigger box of Powdered Milk. In Fact to double you will need more of everything in the size I have it pictured except the nondairy creamer, that size is plenty to go round!

The recipe here will make about 6qt jars of mix.