From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home Birth: Preparing for Our New Baby J

When Bug was 8months old God decided to BLESS our family with another lil life!  We've had 5 very sucessful and wonderful pregnancies and births, but there is always a lingering thought that the next time will be the time were we have to give back our wonderful blessing to God before we get to lay eyes on them.  So we waited and waited before we told anyone of our wonderful blessing.  At about 13 weeks we announced to the JClan on Valentine's Day that we were going to add another J to the family.  All the J's were extremly excited and enjoyed the next 30minutes of discussing and voting on what the babies name would be if it were a boy or a girl.  Shortly thereafter we continued to tell all our friends and family, most of which lit up with joy when we told of the Lord's Blessing on us!

At 15weeks while at AWANAs my Beloved started talking with a friend who had had a previous home birth.  Now I have always wanted a home birth and just had taken to the fact that as military it would not be something we would get to do.  I never imagined that military insurance would pay for such a thing.  My Beloved got hooked on the idea of having a home birth!  Neither of us are big fans of doctors and after our experience in the hospital during Bug's birth we were tired of the legalism of people trying to make us do what they thought was right and best, not necessarily what was actually a law.  So I looked into homebirth and the midwife that our friend had used.  After finding out what it would cost, about $3000, I took the information back to my Beloved and asked him if this was really something he was wanting us to do.  We prayed and agreed it was the way that was best for our family as long as everything was good with both the baby and me.  I contacted the midwife and we started talking.  Come to find out military insurance would pay for a home birth!!!  We had to come up with the inital payment, but we will be reimbursed for the majority of that after our birth!  What a blessing!!!!

Our first visit with the midwife was actually when my Beloved was on a small deployment out of state.  I really liked her and her assistant and just knew that my Beloved would like them too!  Even the J's thought it was awesome to have her come to our home and check on "their baby".  Once my Beloved returned home from his small deployment he got to meet our midwife and her assistant and was highly pleased right off the bat!  He said "it was like being with old friends".

Besides meeting with our midwife and her assistant we also had to meet with an OB.  We met with a supper sweet OB from MUSC.  She was very supportive of home births.  In fact she was the nicest and sweetest OB I've ever had!  We've never been ones to conform to all the tests and such that doctors like to run when you are pregnant.  We stick to the basics to make sure that the baby and I are ok.  If God decideds to give us a baby with a gentical disorder then we are blessed to have that baby.  We also feel it's better to be stress free during our pregnancies as much as possible and worrying and wondering is not the best way to stay stress free.  So it was wonderful to have an OB who didn't say anything when we said we didn't want any extras done!

All our pregnancies have ended with very short labors and quick births, so our midwife prepared both my Beloved and I that he might deliver our new lil J by himself.  At first this worried my Beloved, but I had faith in God and both of us to do it with our midwife or on our own.  I think my encouragment and belief in God and my Beloved gave him the courage to be able to birth our new lil J just the two of us.

During this pregnancy we learned a lot more about being more natural in our living.  It started mainly with me wanting to make sure I was the healthiest I have ever been.  I didn't want to take chances that something would go wrong because I didn't take care of myself well.  Our midwife gave me a list of vitamins/minerals/herbs to take for different things as the pregnancy progressed.  Little by little I incoorporated these into my daily life and then started incoorporating some of them into my Beloved's and the JClan's life too.  We all stayed healthier, happier, and in better shape than usual. 

Before getting pregnant I had started back to running with my Beloved.  In the begining I continued to run, then walked, and at the end changed to only yoga (some short walks).  This seemed to be wonderful in the aches and pains of pregnancy.  I don't think I've had a pregnancy where my body felt so great while being pregnant!

As before we were very blessed to have a wonderful pregnancy where baby J and I were very healthy and proceded to birth without any problems! Praise God!

This is #1 in a 3 Part Series about our 1st Home Birth.


The Kirkland's said...

I keep checking back for parts 2 and 3, but I guess those little blessings are keeping mama busy!! Can't wait to read the rest of the birth story.

Mama said...

Haha, Sadly I thought I had published it, but I looked when I saw your comment and I need to add a picture and it will be up. So hopefully tomorrow! :)

The Kirkland's said...

Well! I will keep checking back then!!! Hope all is well, and that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I just realized Today that, Thanksgiving is NEXT week. WHOA!