From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting Ready

There are many articles to catch up on.  But right now the only thing on my mind is our new wonderful Blessing!  It could be any day at anytime!  There is so much more to be excited about when you don't even know what your baby is, boy or girl.  The JClan is having so much fun guessing if the baby is a boy or girl and giving their reasoning. 

Bubba says it's a boy, mostly because he like the boy name better than the girl name.
Sissy says it's a girl, she says God told her.  (That is my favorite answer, especially coming from her! :) )
Sister says it's a girl because the boy can have a turn next.
Bubby is not sure, he comes up with something different all the time.  But he is set on the fact that it is HIS baby!
Bug of course doesn't know, he just enjoys being the baby.  But I tell him that he is still my baby boy.
Daddy and I think it's a girl.  I am carrying just the way I did with Sissy and Sister.

Before we know it we will know! :)

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The Kirkland's said...

Ok well I am way out of the loop! I have been horrible about keeping up with all the blogs I follow. I didn't know you were expecting agian! So exciting congrats! When is the due date? Our number 4 just turned a month old! Congrats can't wait to hear if it is a girl or boy!