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From our Heart to Yours
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magazine Binder

I am sure that I am not the first to come up with this idea, but I have never seen it out there before.  I love my magazines and the articles that are in them, though not all of them apply to our family and not all of them are worth keeping to reference to.  I had this huge stack of magazines from about the past 2-3years, from MOPS to Thriving Family, to Above Rubbies to HSDLA.  They were collecting dust in my entertainment center and my little Bug would go and get into them sometimes, as any toddler crawling around would be expected to do, so I needed a solution.  I have a habbit of printing artciles that are online off and keeping them in my Homemakers Notebook.  So I thought I could do sort of the samethig for my magazines.
Stack of magazines before I took the articles out.

I went through every magazine, I pulled out all the articles I wanted to save, for whatever reason (read again, reference, ideas, etc).  Then I grabbed one of the many binders that I have just waiting to be used for something and a package of page protectors and went to work.

This is the stack of articles afterward.

I decided to divide the articles into subjects.  IE Marriage, Children, Family, Homeschool, Homesteading, Home Business, Dads, Moms, Large Families.  There is no real order of how I put them in the binder by subject, just whatever was done first was put in first. 

To start I slid each page into a page protector, if the backside of the page was not something I was wanting to keep I would put a line through the page.  If I could find another page to match up to it I would slide that one in so I would be using my page protectors efficently and so I wouldn't see this huge line on one side of the page.

When I was done with a subject I would put it in the binder and add a subject divider with the subject written on the tab.

This is the completed binder.

I still have 1 thing left to do and that is to take all my printed articles from online and put them in page protectors and put them in the binder by subject.  I'm sure I will have that done before the summer is over and we start school again, but for now they are in the front pocket of the binder either stapled or paper clipped together.

Printed articles from online.

Magazine articles in page protectors.

Do you have something like this?  If so please share! :)  If you try this after reading this article please share as well! :)

** This article was written June 2012

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