From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

7 Days of Hope

I found The MOB, Mother of Boys Blog this year and have been richly blessed by it!  Though I am not just a Mama of Boys, but of Girls too, my oldest is a boy and the majority of my JClan are boys right now.  Not to mention being a girl, having lived with my Sisser for 2decades and all that, I understand girls pretty well, boys on the other hand, that is something I learn new things about all the time! :)

I was happy to receive an email about 7 Day of Hope from the MOB.  Though I am not an overall weary Mama the past couple of years with our oldest DS has proven to be a bit of a battle.  His will over mine and Daddy's.  So we do what all "good" Christians do and look to God, but sometimes without a little guidance or others who have been in that boat, or are in that boat it can be hard to know just how to go about things.  So I was happy to join House of the Rising Sons for her lead in the 7 Days of Hope for Mamas of Boys.

If you are a weary Mama, in some form or fassion, you will find a list of Ambassadors for the 7 Days of Hope here.  You can choose which Ambassador fits you best and join there group.  All this good help starts on the 12th, so don't delay to long! :) 

If you do link up to the 7 Days of Hope please leave a comment and us know which one you are linked up too!  :)


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