From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Days of Hope: Day 1

I've joined House of the Rising Sons for the 7 Days of Hope.  She is focusing on Hope for the Weary Mom of Boys.  Since, so far, our boys out number our girls 3-2 and my boys are usually the ones that are the MORE strong willed and cause me to wonder if I am a good mama I thought that her link up was the best fit for me.

Day 1 is on "When Gentle Words Won't Come"...... Wow I know that happens to me ALL the time!  I just want to yell and scream and say the harsh things that are on my mind.  And guess what, some times I do!  Ooops! :(  I have learned to try to not do this, to send my children, especially our oldest and first born, Bubba, to another room and have them/him wait for me.  It usually takes a few moments for me to calm down to the point of actually praying something that makes sense and asking God to help me know how to deal with the situation and what to say, mainly to just let His words flow through me.  But what about those times we the mean and nasty negative words flow from me?  In those times I have to do the same, BUT I also have to ask for forgiveness and ask our children/son to pray for me to be more slow to anger, to love unconditionally and to keep my tongue.  I have to humble myself in front of my children/son and show that I too am NOT perfect and I to DO SIN!  I also work to have them/him hold me accountable for these actions!

Here are the questions for Day 1 and MY answers (feel free to answer them in a comment! )

Q1) What does being weary look like at our homestead?  Describe the physical and emotional toll it takes.
Lately weariness at our homestead looks like me falling into my Beloveds arms crying, not knowing what else to do to get through to our children.  Physically it is stressful and makes more work around our home for me, and at almost 7mns pregnant that leaves me exhausted.  Emotionally it makes me worry that our children, at this time mostly Bubba, is not going to be the man he could very well be if he applied himself.  So this leads to me to long prayers with God and looking for encouraging Scripture and Scripture that will encourage him to do his best ALWAYS!

Q2) What is the honest state of MY heart and life right NOW?
Honestly I know that at some point things will get better and that right now we are all being trained for when the JClan is older.  I know that as long as we show our JClan God's way and we live it ourselves that they have an AWESOME chance of being of God and NOT of the World!  I just have to get past today to tomorrow, but have to remember to train correctly today for tomorrow!

And this is what we must remember! :)

Check back for more Days of Hope this week.  Also check out 7 Days of Hope to find the right link up for you!  Please leave me a comment about your 7 Days of Hope experience! :)


*This article was written June 12, 2012

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