From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stepping Stones

Every summer Nana tries to make a stepping stone with each of her grandchildren.  I think she's missed a few year and it actually took us til January to do these.  It's hard to have all 8 grandchildren at your house at once, espcially when 5 of them live in another state so when they come down they go to see all their family and not just hang out at Nana and Pap's house.  But we finally managed to get all 8 grandchildren at the house at one time in January when the JClan and I visited for New Years.

I really love these stepping stone and hope to make some for our house sometime soon! :)

We took quickcrete and quickcrete concrete coloring and mixed them according to directions, well sorta, I think Pap may have gotten ahead of the directions, but it ended up ok.  It is pretty messy so this is an ALL outside project.  Make sure it's not going to rain anytime soon!  After mixing the concrete we set out the news paper and the plastic circle plant dishes.  We poured and even amount into each dish and used a 1x1 to level them out.  Then each grandchild came and with adult assistance put their right foot and left hand in the concrete to make and impression.  Then with a pencil we wrote out their names and the date.  Then each grandchild got to pick some colorful stones Nana had bought at Michael's out and place in their stone where they chose.  After the concrete and settled a little bit Pap when back over the names and dates with the pencil making them more bold.  We covered them with paper towels to soak up any puddles of water in the mix and then loosely set news papers over then over night.  In the below pictures the color looks more like a chocolate brown, but they did dry to be more terra cotta colored.

**This article written in January 2012

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