From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Bug & Lil Bro, Daddy with Baby Bro & Pixie, Sister, Sissy and Mama

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Florida Summer 2011

Ever since Bubba was 3y/o he has been spending the majority of his summer in FL.  My Beloved and I are very blessed, in many ways, but when it comes to the JClan we are blessed that he and I were born and raised in the same hometown, our families live within minutes of each other, our families get a long very well, and that our mamas' are school teachers..... so they have summers off! :)

This summer was Sissy's 1st summer getting to stay the WHOLE summer!  This is so awesome for her, it meant she wasn't in therapy anymore and she could have fun with her beloved Cousin E!

Sister got to spend most of summer 2010 in FL, but this was her 1st WHOLE summer as well!  Bubby, Bug and I joined about 1/2 way through.

We were so very blessed that YaYa, my Beloved's wonderful momma, got to come and stay with the JClan while he and I attended CHEC!  When it was time for her to head back to FL she lovingly took the JClan with her. :)

Sissy, Bubba, and Sister waving BYE

Yaya, Sissy, Bubba, and Sister waving BYE on their way to FL.

The original plan was that within 2wks Daddy, Bubby, Bug and I would be in FL for our beach vacation, but as often happens the USMC had different plans and we had to reschedule our trip.  So Bubba, Sissy, and Sister spent some more time with YaYa until she had to do othe things and they took off for the next few weeks across town to Nana & Pap's for the start of Nana Camp.  This of course was exciting for EVERYONE because they also got to play with Cousins E & P and within days Cousin K was coming along.

Bubba isn't so happy to always have to spend his time with girls and Pap tries to do as many boy-things as possible, but he has to earn a living too! ;)  So YaYa intervened and she got him a little play friend from her school.  It has turned out well as they spent most of the summer together!

Come middle of July Daddy got to take Bubby, Bug and I to FL.  He had to return to the Heart Land for work for a few more weeks, but we got to go hang out with the rest of the JClan and meet new Cousin K! :)

Every year it has seemed that our beach vacation falls on the same week as our VBS here and the JClan has not been able to go.  BUT this year it was a blessing to be with Nana & Pap while theirs was going on.  So we ALL got to go every night, even the adults had class!  It was a BLAST  and we all got to make some good/new friendships!

Bubby @ the ending ceremony Friday night with Auntie KJ.

Bug with Nana & Pap @ the ending ceremony.

Some how I'm not sure but I ended up not getting many pictures with my actual camera and the ones I got with my phone have been lost since I broke the phone that had the pictures on it from the summer. :( But here are just a few highlights of an enjoyable summer with our Family in Florida! :)

The J4's eating popscicles in the pool.

The JMiddles enjoying brownies, probably a little to much!  They were ALL put in the tub after this! :)

*Article written September 2011

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