From our Home to Yours

From our Home to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Daddy with Lil Bro, Bug, Sissy, Sister, and Mama with Lil Sis

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dresses and Bows

This summer, while at my Mama's house, my Sisser, Mama and I had a fun time sewing pillowcase dresses, burp cloths, and making hair bows.  I have had fun since then making more pillowcase dresses and hair bows for the JGals!

Sissy posing with her pillowcase dress by Nana.

Even better picture. ;)

Matching Hair Bow my Mama.

This picture turned out better. This is my favorite bow!

I do make and sell pillowcase dresses and bows to match.  Can buy either seperate too.  Dress and Bow Combo is $20, Dress is $17 and Bow is $5 by themselves.  Again if you have the material I will make it for cheaper. :)

**Hope to show more photos of the dresses I have made and more bows too.  Also burp clothes.  They are $3 each, 3 for $8, 6 for $15, or 10 for $25**

*Article written September 2011

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