From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Diaper Covers

I made my first cloth diaper in 2006 when I needed a swim diaper for Bubba.  I had never made a diaper before and wasn't sure how it would work but it works great and I have used it with Sissy, Sister, Bubby, and Bug.  I think it will even make it through this summer as well, though I will be making several more this summer because we have 2 still needing a diaper in the pool.

This summer though I had scheduled a photo shoot for the JLils.  Neither had had their picture taken much and they were the only J's here at the time and thought it to be a perfect time to do this for them!

Since Bug was only a few month old I wanted some diaper shots, but didn't want them to be drab.  The JBoys room is in John Deere and I wanted something that might go with their room to hang a picture up.  So I made a cow print, John Deere tractor print and a camo print (sense we can never resist camo in this house :) ).

The picture below is of my pattern.  I don't quite remember where I got it, it was a geocite back in 2006, not sure if it would still be around.  It was for an AIO diaper that I turned into a swim diaper and now have turned into a diaper cover.  Side note: when I say diaper cover I mean this one is to go over a disposable diaper, it has no wettness protection to it it is only for looks to make the outfit or in this case picture look cutier.

Diaper Cover pattern transfered onto tissue paper.

Camo print diaper cut out.
I traced the pattern onto the material and then with my rotary tool I cut the material out.  I copy the markings I need to make on the material from the pattern as well. Places I need to pull the binding taught to make fitted legs, places to put the hook & loop tape to secure the cover too.

This is the cow print with the hook & loop take sewen on.  Don't know if you can see the outline of the hook & loop tape on the printed side or not?  I matched this one up with black hook & loop to go with the black patches.

Once I have sewen on the hook & loop tape I then put the binding on.  Definetly HAVE to put the hook & loop on 1st b/c the binding will bunch the cover up & make it impossible to get it on straight afterwards.

Though I would have rathered a green or brown binding for the John Deere pattern all I had was white, so it is what I got! :)  This is the front.

And this is the back.
Bug wearing the cow print cover.
Bug wearing the John Deere print cover.

Many people have asked if I make these for others.  Yes I do.  I will make them if you want something to match an outfit for everyday wear over a disposable diaper, I make them for you if you want them for a photoshoot.  If you have the fabric the price is $6, if I have to get the fabric the price is between $10 & $12 depending on the price of the fabric.

*Article written August 2011

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