From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beach Vacation

Family Traditions are the best!  Especially when they are carried over from one generation to the next.  When my Beloved was 5y/o his parents bought a timeshare at the beach.  Here we are a little over 25yrs later at the beach with 5 kiddos and 3 generations (sometimes even 4 when PopPop comes for a visit)!

This year our plans got a little rearranged, but better rearranged than not with Daddy at all.  We have had several vacations without him due to military service elsewhere.  This year was not the case and we were ALL rejoiceful!!!

We love our time at the beach and this year we got to take a couple of field trips.  Of course while on these field trips I forgot to bring the actual camera and only had my phone, which broke and we no longer have those pictures. :(

We got to go to a Chocolate Factory.  Not Daddy's favorite field trip, as he doesn't like chocolate, but for the rest of us it was tasteful. :)  We also go to visit the Dunlawton Plantation.  This was a very interesting history lesson.  Both on FL history and the making of sugar.

Of course what else would you do at the beach but spend it by the pool.  So we spent many an hour by the pool giving swimming lessons to the JClan.  Daddy also got to put some miles in at the beach running.  Always nice to train for a marathon in different terain and climates!

We might not have been able to go on our usual beach week, but we did get to go and we got to go with Daddy, so it was the best summer beach vacation yet! :)

Sissy making a face @ the pool.

The J4's doing what they do best...... eating!

YaYa getting everything ready to eat, it was HotDog Day.  Daddy is supervising (see elbow in left corner, hehe)

*Article written September2011

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