From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Bug & Lil Bro, Daddy with Baby Bro & Pixie, Sister, Sissy and Mama

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer "Camp"

Well the oldest 3 of The JClan have been gone for about 2wks now.  After the CHEC they left with YaYa and had 1 1/2wks of "YaYa Camp".  Bubba, Sissy, and Sister had a BLAST with YaYa!  Reading, Swimming, Bikes, Walks, Movies, Pretend Play, Shopping at WalMart.  They had FUN and so did she.  BUT she has to share them, and she needed to Tutor and make a quick trip to Dillard for a Funeral, so now they are at "Nana Camp" and spending the next 1 1/2wks with Nana and Pap.  So far they have played with their cousins, made name bracelets, homemade playdough, played in the pool, watched movies and got Happy Meals (a BIG treat for The JClan).  And they have only been there for 2days.  They still have over a week left there.  Then we are not sure where they will go next?  Part of that depends on when Aunt LaLa goes into labor with Cousin K.  At some point Bubby, Baby J and I will make a trip down to see and help with Cousin K. 

To make the end of Summer memoriable and kick off the NEW School Year we will be heading to Daytona on our Annual Beach Trip. (not the same time as usual, but glad we are still getting to go and Daddy can come!)  Got a neat Beach Unit Study we are going to do while there! 

Until then I will be posting and blogging about Daddy and my Home Organizations, Projects, and Remodels!  So stayed tuned! :)

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