From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Organized Kitchen

I've been busy working on organizing our whole house more.  Getting rid of stuff we don't need or use.  So I started with the kitchen, which is pretty much the Main Source of our Homestead!  These are just a few of the things I have organized, I will add more later. :)

 My Coffee Center.
 Coffee Center and Space between Sink and Fridge.
 To the left of the Sink.  I have my Dish Washing Gloves, which are awesome I will have to take a pic, bottle brush, dish scrubber, and veggie scrubber in the Rooster Container.  In the Basket I have my Dish Towels, Dish Cloths, Cloth Napkins for us and the kids, and Bibs.  My Baby Monitor is also on there since most of my day in spent in the kitchen, but it can easily be removed and taken to another room or outside, but I always know where it is.  My Blender is usually in the corner there too.  I have been trying to make smoothies for breakfast more often.
 This is to the right of my Stove.  Anything that I need for a meal prep I put out here and there is also my Knives and all the Utensils I need to cook with, or at least the most used. (The least used are in a drawer)
This is to the left of my Stove and right of my Oven.  This basket holds fruits and some small snacks for the JClan.  The kids also put their cups here.  Soon I am going to put a picture of their face so they each know where their cups go during the day.

There are  a few more pics I need to take and add to this.  But they will come.  I have 4 more cabinets to go before I hit the pantry.

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