From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Bug & Lil Bro, Daddy with Baby Bro & Pixie, Sister, Sissy and Mama

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a Great weekend Mother's Day weekend.  It went out with a bang, pun intended as you will see.  We went to FL for the weekend to be with our own Moms and to Celebrate Sissy's 4th Birthday with our Family.  May is one of those crazy months and we just couldn't all get together on the same weekend here in SC so we decided to jam it all into one.

Saturday we had fun doing a Yard Sale at YaYa's house while Sissy went with Cousins E and P to play at their house for the day.  Daddy ended up at the Car Show with Ford Man.  Eventually I took Sister to play with Cousins E and P too.

Sissy got to spend the night with Cousins E and P, which is her second favorite thing to do in FL, the first being spending the night with Nana and Pap!  Bubba, Sister, and Bubby stay with YaYa while Daddy and Mama got to go on a Date.  Of course BabyJ got to join us, as he is pretty attached to Mama right now. :)  We had a nice dinner at Olive Garden thanks to the KendallKrew for some gift certificates!  It was late and we were tired though so we didn't stay long and ended up taking most of our food back to YaYa's with us.

Since we are torn on exactly what church to go to when we are in FL we just didn't go this time.  Daddy and Mama, along with BabyJ, ran some morning errands.  Then the JClan, minus Sissy, ate breakfast nd then took a walk with YaYa before we went to Mother's Day lunch with the Family!
 Bubba on his bike waiting to cross the street.
Bubby and Sister (aka The Tweedles) with YaYa

After our walk we got ready for lunch.  We had 25 people in our Family invade Ruby Tuesdays for lunch.  But it was great!  We also got to do a Birthday Cake for Sissy and sing Happy Birthday to her.  Afterwards we went back to YaYa's house for Sissy to open her presents.  She had a BLAST doing that!

Then it was off to packing and loading everything back up.  We left and headed back to SC.   A little befr we got out of FL on 95 we were hit by a drunk driver.  Blessed that we were pulling our trailor no one was injured and nothing was really damaged.  Our trailor is out of commission, but we still have our animals that were on the trailor.  We had God's Angels around us keeping us and our animals safe.

That is pretty much all the damage, but it is no long able to be used, so that did put us getting back a day behind.  But it was a good day, because God allowed us to have it!

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