From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Day of School and CHEC

Monday morning was our Last Day of School.  We officially!  We still will be learning through out the summer.  We will continue to Study the Bible, Work on Character Traits, Read, Write, and Learn about whatever suits our fantsy!  :)  That is the JOY of Home Schooling!

This week has been a little different.  We finished up our required 180 of school and I finished our report that goes to our Academy for records.  We also started the Costal Home Educators Conference (CHEC) Thursday night.  We sort Wednesday night.

Wednesday night we started by helping collect books for our Book Blast.  Which is SC Largest Used Curriculum Sale!  It is awesome!  Thursday night started with a Curriculum Show and Tell, which was nice to go to and learn about things I've never dipped my hands into!  Then it went on with our Pastor/ School Administrator doing his Intro to Homeschooling Seminar.  It was really neat to learn about the History of School in America.  I think I may have to post about that sometime next week!  It was also encouraging to find some different and positive ways to deal with peoples negative comments! :)  Now this isn't our 1st year to Home School, we are going on 3yrs now, official ones that is!  But due to our Military Lifestyle this is the 1st year we have been able to listen to the Intro to Homeschooling Seminar.

Yesterday, Friday, I spent all day at CHEC.  First at the Book Blast looking over all the used stuff.  Seeing if there was anything we NEEDED.  I found a few things.  Then off to Classes for the day!  It was Mommy's day to go to school I guess you could say! :)  I learned so many things and will be adding links and sharing about things I learned, how they are working in our Home School and all the mmmm good stuff soon! :)

Today Daddy and I are going back, while YaYa gets to play with The JClan, minus BabyJ he is still Mommy's little sidekick!  I will be helping out in our Book Blast the first part of the Day while Daddy gets to go to "school".  Then we will join up, divide and conquer the rest of the day!  It will be AWESOME!  I can't wait to come back and let you know all about it!

Good bye 2010-2011 School Year, HELLO 2011-2012!

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