From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Egg Sandwiches

This past week Daddy has been working early to late hours because of inspection they have begining next week.  So I've been making dinner that I KNOW the JClan will eat.  One of those meals is Egg Sandwiches.  They are YUMMY and can be done in several ways.  This is also a meal the kids can help make with ease!  You may have to pick out a few egg shells, but it is well worth it to let your kiddos have the experience of learning to cook!
 Egg Sandwiches
Whole Wheat Bread
Am. Cheese

Cook your eggs either Fried or Scrambled (I do mine Fried and The JClan's scrambled).
Put Mayo on one piece of Whole Wheat Bread and Mustard on another.
Put Egg on sandwich.  Put Ketchup on top of the Egg, then Cheese.
Top with other piece of bread.  Cut in half.

I had all these ingredients in my kitchen, so this meal cost me $0.

Ways Kiddos Can Help:
Sissy (4y/o) and Sister (2.5y/o) help by getting ingrediets from Fridge and Pantry.  Sissy can crack eggs and stir them up before I scramble them.  Sister can put condiments and cheese on top of sandwich.  Bubba (7y/o) can scramble eggs.  Bubby (1.5y/o) can get plates.

Make this meal rounded out on the Food Pyramid by serving a Veggie Tray with a Dip, 100% Juice to drink.

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