From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Bug & Lil Bro, Daddy with Baby Bro & Pixie, Sister, Sissy and Mama

Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing Baby J

The newest member of The JClan.  Baby J; boy, born March 17th, 2011 (our real Irish Baby).  9lbs 1oz and 20" long, born at 7:53am.
Labor was Super quick!  3 1/2hrs :)  We called about 30mins into labor, got to the hospital about 2hrs later.  I guess they didn't think a mama of going on 5 knew when she was in labor because there was no one from the Navy there when we got there.  So when my water broke after being there for 30mins we took the 1st Dr available yo deliver babies.

He is now 7wks old and he is doing wonderful.  He is so alret, smiling and laughing, just listening to everything that goes on in the Heart Land!  He takes his loving very well, as not all The JClan loves so easily.  The JClan loves to take care of Baby J!  How many mamas can one baby have, well Baby J gets 3.  Sissy and Sister are wonderful helpers and even Bubby pitches in!  Bubba is a GREAT BIG HELP and pitches in with training the other JClan memebers in daily life!

We are so thankful for the Clan God has blessed us with!


The Kirkland's said...

Baby J is so adorable! congrats!!!

Mama said...

Thanks so much! :)