From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
Bubba, Bubby, Bug & Lil Bro, Daddy with Baby Bro & Pixie, Sister, Sissy and Mama

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bad Day turned Good Night

Thursdays are always nice mornings.  We get our Chores and Homeschooling done right here in our own home, instead of the car like a few mornings in the week. (Well not chores, but homeschooling)  Sister and Brother took decent mid-day naps, but not the greatest, Bubba and Sister got their school work done and helped make lunch.  We all ate and finished getting dressed.  Thursdays are Speach Therapy Days.  Sissy dislikes going to ST, so we usually have an melt down about going and why she can't go to her Occupational Therapist, who she adores.  So we got there and she did well, but Miss Mandy has been pushing her a little harder, so she was a little tired.  We had a few errands to run and do a little shopping before we made it home for dinner.  All of the JClan was pretty decent at the store, but they were tired and ready to go home, my head had been hurting since Tuesday and it wasn't getting any better walking around the store and trying to make sure I had all the JClan behaving.  So I too was getting tired and ready to go home.  I was looking forward to making dinner quickly, putting Brother to bed and letting the others watch a movie while I took care of my headache.  We came home and what should I find at the front door..... 3 boxes from 1800Flowers.  I was so happy!  I love Flowers! and my Beloved always does well when he sends them to me!
I quickly got everyone in the house, got the bags in the house and brought in the boxes.  I sat down and opened them.  They were gorgious AND my Wonderful Beloved had sent the sweetest messages with each arrangment!  After getting everyone their dinner I started tending to my Beautiful Flowers.  Bubba and Sissy asked where they came from and why and I told them and told them what each arrangment was for.
The first was from Daddy to tell me he loved me and he'd see me soon!
The 2nd one was from my Boys, Bubba and Brother, telling me what a good mommy I am and thanks for all I do for them!
The 3rd was from my Girls, Sissy and Sister, telling me what a good mommy I am and thanking me for showing them how to be a good wife and mommy.
I decided where the first one went, since it is a Rose Plant I put it in our Kitchen Window over the sink, so now I get to look at it's beauty often!  The 2nd one I let Bubba decide where it went and he decided the middle of the Dining Room Table, smart boy now everyone can see them as they enter our home!  The 3rd one I let Sissy decide where it went and she decided on the counter in the Kitchen, smart girl now we can enjoy their beauty most of the day as we spend TONS of time in the Kitchen, especially her and I!

Now whenever my day seems to be going a little down-in-the-dumps I can just look around the house and remember that my Beloved loves and appriciates me and that he loves to instill that samething in our JClan.

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