From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wonderfully Made Birthing Services Tea List Spring 2015

So happy to be introducing my homemade teas!  I love my herbs!  I have been using herbs for about 5 years in our family's everyday health!  We have had no major sickness in our home for about the same amount of time.  Between herbs, homemade probiotics, and adding the right supplements at the right time with the ever increasingly clean/real food diet in our home we are doing better and better all the time.

All my teas have a base to them (what makes them do what they do), I am willing to share with you what is in my teas by request, as well as change an ingredient if needed for you (as long as it doesn't change what the tea does)!  However I will not at this time be sharing any recipes.

Update: my HerbalDoula store (link below) has sipping teas, bath teas, salves, balms, roller bottle blends, scrubs and more handcrafted herbal products.


Now you can find the most up-to-date products in my Etsy Store; HerbalDoula

Friday, October 11, 2013

Where does time go? {update}

My time goes by so fast these days. Spending every moment I can cherishing the moments we have as a young family. This coming year Bubba turns 10! 10, where did the time go? Not only is this double digits and a big deal to your average child, but 10 as a military child is HUGE!!! At 10 you receive your 1st military I.D. this is such a cool thing! It's also all Bubba can talk about anytime we go to base or I use my I.D. somewhere. I'm so excited for him. But I wonder, just when did he get so BIG? I look back over all the moments of the past years in my mind and it is just crazy that 10 years went by. We have enjoyed all of them; good, bad and ugly! I wouldn't trade them for the world!

This also means my family is not quite as young as it once was. At one time we had 4 under 5 years old. Those days I remember well. They were very tiring and endless. I am so thankful that the majority of our days are no longer filled with everyone screaming, crying and having accidents or needing their diapers changed. For once I have more potty trained children than children in diapers! But I am reminded of just how fast it all went. And I'm glad that even though it was tough, that I enjoyed being with my full house of little's.

It is nice to be moving into a new stage of life, where our J's can have fun playing ball with us, go for walks without needing to be carried and they enjoy things like fishing and bowling. This new season is just beginning and I pray we make the best of it! Better than the last!

With this new season I pray God allows me to do more blogging and posting on our Facebook page. I have several things God has laid on my heart that I am working on and can't wait to share. But to hold you over til then visit my Pen Pal Forever, Amanda, at Momster Mash to read the series she did on us in September.

MAMA :-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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Homemade Cloth Wipes

I get asked a lot what I use for my cloth wipes. Well if you've figured anything out by now it's that I do my best to be cheap, reuse, and not throw anything away! (If it can be used for better things that is) So while cleaning and organizing our 'multi-purpose room' I found an old bulletin board that was covered in a flannel material. I no longer needed either, so the board went to the flea market and the fabric became wipes!

The fabric before.

As you can see the fabric is pretty big! So I folded it in half, half again and half for a third time.

After being folded.

After folding I take my fabric scissors, they never cut anything but fabric, and cut about 3-4" apart. I could have used my rotary tool too, but I didn't want to dig out my cutting mat.

The cuts and my fabric scissors.

Next I cut the 3-4" sections so they are a single piece. Below you see the 3rd row down, it gets cut in half. As you see in the 2nd row down that gives you 2 full prices and 2 final pieces, the two full pieces must still be cut in half. This leaves you with 6 wipes for every 3-4".

The progression of the cut.

When that is done you will have all your wipes. Wash, dry and put in you wipes warmer with a nice wipe recipe. My favorite is Bulk Herb Stores Baby Bath Mix. (Our wipes warmer has since bit the dust, so these wipes go in an old store wipes box and I make a Wipes Tea to spray on them or baby's bum)

The final product. 78 new cloth wipes.

I will use these at home, they go right into my diaper pail with the dirty diapers. They will become frayed and worn over time, use and washes, but they are FREE, can be easily replaced and much better than loads of disposable wipes! 

I also make theses using baby receiving blankets. If you don't have either handy go to your local fabric store and look for flannel that is on clearance or reminants. For receiving blankets cheap, look at local thrift stores.

Now I do use disposable wipes when out, I have never been good at taking cloth out with me, but I am working towards it!

Blessings and happy diapering,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are my words like honeycomb?

Today's Proverb of the Day was Proverbs 16. Verses 21, 23-24 stood out to me. Especially with the way I have noticed myself in a downward spiral of not using my words in an uplifting manner. I have found myself in a season of difficult training and that has been wearing on me. Good thing is that my King has such grace on me and my children and is helping get back to using my words in an uplifting manner. So I hope the following thoughts help you too!

Proverbs 16:21, 23-24 "The wise in heart are called discerning, and pleasant words promote instruction..... A wise man's heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction. Pleasant word are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."

Words are so important! When working with Sissy so many times we say "use your words" to get her to express what she is feeling rather than her destroying something or screaming. This has moved to something we say to all the JClan now when they need to be reminded to talk for us to know their feelings.

Verse 21 reminds me most of my role as Mama.... Is my heart wise? Do I have pleasant words? If no then how can I be discerning and instructive? Aren't those 2 of my most important roles as Mama?

I know I am not perfect, but this should be my reminder and help that I need to use my heart wisely when I make decisions concerning the JClan. It also tells me that if I want to give instruction to the JClan I need pleasant words, NOT by yelling or using character destructing words. Yes, I am guilty of both!

Verse 23 shows me 2 parts of my roles; Mama and Wife. Part A of the verse tells me I am wise when my heart guides my words. I need to remember this both when I am talking to my Beloved and the JClan. I should let my heart guide what I say instead of my hotheadedness! Part B more of my Mama role telling me when I use my heart I promote instructions. Just like verse 21, if I'm yelling at the JClan how can they understand instructions? How well do you understand instructions when being yelled at by a hotheaded drama queen?!

Verse 24 is a reminder to us all for all we come in contact with. Using pleasant words is like a honeycomb.... Have you ever eaten a bite of honeycomb? This is one of my favorite parts of honey! It is mmmmmm good! Are my words to others the same as what honeycomb tastes to me? It should be!!! Just as words can hurt they can also heal! Who do I need to use "honeycomb" with today? Who do you?

I am placing a 3x5 card where I can see it with the word HONEYCOMB to remind me!

Please show me a picture of your reminder :)

Blessings, Mama :)