From our Home to Yours

From our Home to Yours
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Monday, June 8, 2015

REAL Food Challenge 2

How has your water Challenge gone?  I really want to hear from y'all!

Let's talk SUGAR!

Oh that dreaded word!  Even if you are not a REAL FOOD person or family, sugar has been a "no no" for so long!

We all know that sugar is just no good, but it's everywhere!  So how do we get rid of sugar?  How do we replace sugar?

Well we want to get rid of processed sugars (white, powdered, and brown), high fructose corn syrup, beet syrup, and ALL artificial  sweeteners.  Just in general if it is ARTIFICIAL we do NOT want it!

What do we get in place of these then?  RAW Honey, Real/Pure Maple Syrup, Molasses, Coconut Sugar, Sucanat, Raw Sugar, Organic Sugar, Stevia (the herb or the oil); but even these need to be consumed in moderation!

So do you just throw out all the sugar in your home?  Well, that wouldn't be a good steward!  Now maybe if you have a big ol' bag of star burst you might, but not everything in your home!  So what do you do?

Go around and start taking inventory of what has sugar in it, where that sugar comes from.... If it is in the "get rid of" list make note that you need to find a substitute when you run out of that or you need to wean yourself from it.  Start replacing the ingredient "sugar" in your recipes with one of the "what we want" items for sweeteners.  Try out a couple of treats for your family and see what they like, then make those and keep them on hand for when you are wanting a sweet treat, or instead of baking sweet treats replace it with fruit, and even make your drinks with less sugar (even the raw and organic; be it lemonade or tea or whatever else reduce the sugar).

Just like with our water this takes time and practice!  Buying less processed foods and making your foods is more cost effective and healthy.  Adding the "what we want" items gives us back minerals we are missing out of in our diet when we use the "get rid of" items instead!  The World Health Organization says that sugar consumption increases dental caries, obesity, replaces protein, iron, zinc, thiamine, and many chronic diseases.  The WHO also recommends that we consume less than 10% of our energy intake in sugar, better yet, lower it to 5%!  So why use natural sweeteners?  A new study shows that maple syrup has many antioxidants in it and some parts of maple syrup might actually be able to help those with type 2 diabetes! 

Now for that question I have already received about Stevia:
100 Days of Real Food has written a really good article on Stevia.  If you aren't willing or wanting to grow or use the herb than I highly recommend Trader Joe's.

How have you done on sugar in your home?  I would love to hear from you!

This Challenge is for 2 weeks!  Challenge 3 will be posted on June 21st!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wonderfully Made Birthing Services Tea List Spring 2015

So happy to be introducing my homemade teas!  I love my herbs!  I have been using herbs for about 5 years in our family's everyday health!  We have had no major sickness in our home for about the same amount of time.  Between herbs, homemade probiotics, and adding the right supplements at the right time with the ever increasingly clean/real food diet in our home we are doing better and better all the time.

All my teas have a base to them (what makes them do what they do), I am willing to share with you what is in my teas by request, as well as change an ingredient if needed for you (as long as it doesn't change what the tea does)!  However I will not at this time be sharing any recipes.

The first 8 teas on this list are for drinking and the last 4 are for external use only.  If you have any questions please email me!


Now you can find the most up-to-date products on

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Real Food Challenge 1

Have you been wanting to eat real foods?  Does all the information out there seem so overwhelming?  Well I hope this Challenge helps you to break it down and start small, learn to replace processed foods for real ones.

To start we are going to change what we DRINK.  Some of you might have this down already and some of you might struggle with this.  To be honest I go back and forth myself!  We are first going to start by drinking water..... to find out how much water you need to drink in a day take your weight, divide it by 2, and change the pounds to ounces. (IE if you weigh 150lbs, divide that by 2, 75lbs change lbs to oz, 75oz of water)

Some of you might already drink water regularly, but maybe you still drink non-real drinks like artificial drink mixes, cokes, store bought juice, milk, teas and use refined sugar or artificial sweeteners to sweeten your drinks.  Maybe your like my Beloved and you can't stand water and you are going to have a really hard time getting those said oz of water down?!

Many Americans are dehydrated because we drink caffeinated drinks and drinks with high sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Many of us feel like we need to munch on things throughout the day because we think we are hungry when we are really dehydrated.  All this plays in the over-weight issue in America!  I'm included in that so please take no offense!

To start off find out what will help you drink water, especially if you are not found of it or don't drink it.  Maybe you need a water bottle, special cup, or straws.  Now if you are thinking lets go easy and drink bottled water there's 2 things that this is no good for. In order to find a bottled water that is really pure and could be considered Real Food it would cost to much (and we are working on real food cutting our costs in the long run), and to go cheap you wouldn't be getting REAL FOOD.  If you have a refrigerator with a water dispenser it should be filtered, check to make sure it doesn't need to be replaced.  If you don't have this option and don't have a filter on your home or kitchen faucet I highly recommend looking into water filters. 

To start your days off you should drink at least 8oz of water when you first get up.  If you are a coffee drinker you can go ahead and drink your coffee.  Coffee is a drink we will keep, though I recommend that once you have finished off the coffee you have already purchased you look into a more Real Food coffee, Green Mountain is a good brand, however Sam's Choice does have an organic coffee at WalMart.  We are cutting out store bought milk and refined sugars, so after you have finished off any creamer you have change to an Organic/Raw Sugar and either Farm bought milk or try a recipe from Deliciously Organic.  If you're not a coffee drinker but a coke drinker then drink one 8oz glass of coke until what you have on hand is gone.  If you're a tea drinker (herbal or store bought) only drink 1 8oz cup in the morning (we will be keeping herbal teas).  After you have had whatever your morning drink is you need to finish drinking the rest of your said oz of water for the day before you drink any other kind of drink.  The only exception to this is if you are juicing or making smoothies from real fruits, raw juice, farm/organic milk, homemade/organic yogurt, raw/organic honey, raw/organic sugar..... REAL FOODS. (if you don't have a good blender or juicer also start looking into those, I personally have a cheap one right now and use it for all of use every day and it does ok, but my ultimate goal is to have a really good one!) After you drink your "Meal Replacement" from juicing or making smoothies then start on the rest of your water.  Once your said oz of water is done on DAY 1 you may drink whatever you like.  On day 2 (if doing this in 1 week, or day 3 if taking 2 weeks for this challenge) you will cut the "whatever you like" drinks by 25% and you will keep doing so as each day passes til you aren't drinking those drink either at all or only on special occasions.

If you are a coke junky (like me) and would like to still get that fizzy feeling try a REAL fruit juice and soda water. (note: soda water will loose it's fizz faster than coke and you don't want to over do this!) 

So you ask "how does this save me anything?"
Well once you have mastered this challenge you will be drinking 95% water, which is pretty much free.  Cutting your costs of cokes, store bought juice, store bought creamers, etc.  And surprisingly those non-real foods will cost more that the REAL FOODS you will use to make creamer, to juice/make smoothies, etc.  So mastering this Water Challenge will be your first step in many to saving money and still getting REAL FOODS!

  • drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water each day
  • drink at least 8oz of water when you wake in the morning before anything else
  • drink only 8oz of coffee, tea, coke in the morning
  • drink the rest of your said oz of water before anything else
  • on Day ONE after you have drank all your water drink what you like and then decrease by 25% each day.
  • Use REAL FOODS if you make smoothies or juice your meal
  • Try getting something you like to drink out of to help you drink water easier
  • Use a filter on your water, or look into one if you don't have one
  • Find healthy REAL FOOD substitutes for the things you are hooked on
  • Use sparingly the things you have on hand before you replace with REAL FOODS (IE coffee, sugar, milk)
I'd love to hear how you are doing with this this week!  And if you have any REAL FOOD replacement recipes please share!  Questions, Comments, Praises on this Challenge, PLEASE let me know!!!!

I fully intended to do this regularly starting at the beginning of 2015, but our school schedule got in the way.  We are all done with school for this school year right now and I will be publishing REAL FOOD Challenge every week, 2 weeks if it seems people need 2 weeks to adjust to the new concept.  However I wanted to report that though it has not been perfect Farmer J who HATES water has been not only drinking water willingly since I started this challenge with others, but actually no longer likes the taste of his Mt Dews!  So if he can do it ANYONE can, I PROMISE that!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Where does time go? {update}

My time goes by so fast these days. Spending every moment I can cherishing the moments we have as a young family. This coming year Bubba turns 10! 10, where did the time go? Not only is this double digits and a big deal to your average child, but 10 as a military child is HUGE!!! At 10 you receive your 1st military I.D. this is such a cool thing! It's also all Bubba can talk about anytime we go to base or I use my I.D. somewhere. I'm so excited for him. But I wonder, just when did he get so BIG? I look back over all the moments of the past years in my mind and it is just crazy that 10 years went by. We have enjoyed all of them; good, bad and ugly! I wouldn't trade them for the world!

This also means my family is not quite as young as it once was. At one time we had 4 under 5 years old. Those days I remember well. They were very tiring and endless. I am so thankful that the majority of our days are no longer filled with everyone screaming, crying and having accidents or needing their diapers changed. For once I have more potty trained children than children in diapers! But I am reminded of just how fast it all went. And I'm glad that even though it was tough, that I enjoyed being with my full house of little's.

It is nice to be moving into a new stage of life, where our J's can have fun playing ball with us, go for walks without needing to be carried and they enjoy things like fishing and bowling. This new season is just beginning and I pray we make the best of it! Better than the last!

With this new season I pray God allows me to do more blogging and posting on our Facebook page. I have several things God has laid on my heart that I am working on and can't wait to share. But to hold you over til then visit my Pen Pal Forever, Amanda, at Momster Mash to read the series she did on us in September.

MAMA :-)